Elegant Uplighting

Enhance the ambiance of your wedding or event with elegant, professional uplighting. Your entertainment isn’t just about the music. We can bring any room to life by adding a touch of color. Uplighting sets the mood by creating a magical backdrop to your special day.

Create A Unique Ambiance

In addition to providing musical entertainment, MattyB Entertainment also offers uplighting for your special event. Using state-of-the-art LED lights, we illuminate walls and ceilings to transform the ambiance of a room with the power of light and color. Whether it’s an upscale event or a wedding, we will work with you to match any color scheme, or use white light to accent the architectural elements of the room.

Our uplighting will exceed your expectations, and not your budget. Adding uplighting to your entertainment package is very affordable, and can cost less than renting them from another vendor. Bundle our entertainment services and uplighting together to get the ultimate experience for you and your guests. Matty B Entertainment can turn your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

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